Capital Area Building Solutions Group (A.K.A. CABS Group) is minority-owned business that has maintained a cost-effective, quality-oriented commercial cleaning service that promotes a safer, healthier environment our clients. Our program incorporates the latest cleaning technology and provides professional onsite leadership.


We have a very skilled project team with a combined 30-years of Commercial Facility Operations Management, safety control and human resource management. Our janitorial teams are provided the necessary leadership and guidance to consistently perform. Most importantly, every member of our staff is focused on supporting and meeting the needs of our customers and yours.



We understand how important a good janitorial service program when it comes to maintaining safe and healthy government facilities. To make your facilities more welcoming, cost-effective and sustainable, Capital Area Building Solutions Group will customized the janitorial service program and deliver an experienced, committed partnership with the know-how to enhance your facility’s environment and meet your financial and operational goals, so you can focus on the departments mission critical initiatives. To meet those needs, we’ll apply our expertise backed by over 30-collective years’ of experience in commercial facilities operations management services.

We are committed to making operating and maintaining it more efficient with effective labor utilization, process management and innovative technological tools. Our bid pricing is structure to allow us to deliver consistent service excellence so you receive a program that delivers cost savings and maintains your high standards and contractual service levels.
We’ll help you meet short-term goals, with GREEN seal chemicals and HEPA filtration vacuums, and we can help you establish and meet long-term goals, like water efficiency. We have a dedicated Operations Manager who is will oversee and measure performance. If you’re interested in reducing your energy consumption, we can apply our innovative energy solutions to reduce your energy costs with improved lighting and temperature control, and healthier indoor air quality.
Your property will be overseen by an onsite management team that includes Supervisors and an Operations Manager. The entire management team will be fully accountable to you for the quality of our service. They’ll provide service workers with the training, technology and incentives to ensure that we are providing consistent and obligated staffing, which will allow managers to have more time for proactive inspections and staff support.

CABS Group staffs employees who adapt to your culture. You will be greeted with one cohesive image — your image. We understand the facility sensitivities and staff’s expectations and will integrate ourselves as members of facility team. Our intention is not to take control of your facility; instead, we want to develop partnership in which we support your needs and help you meet your goals.



Service Levels through our Approaches to Cleaning

Capital Area Building Solutions Group will adhere to our clients specifications. In addition we employee floor SMEs to work with site based staff in the completion of periodical tasks such as terrazzo, carpet and hard floor maintenance. We will implement a Green-Care program as our service standard through our partnership with national suppliers.

CABS Group diligently focuses on products, tools, equipment, processes and policies with a sustainable mission and focus. Our number one object is to promote a healthier environment for your facilities’ occupants while significantly reducing the harm done to the environment and mitigating the risk of spreading pandemic viruses. Green cleaning also preserves your capital investments (floors, furniture, etc.) because green products are less harsh than traditional products. We use environmentally preferable products and sustainable procedures following the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council, Green Seal, Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Choice, and the Carpet and Rug Institute, who provide nationally recognized standards for green products and procedures.

A Flexible Program to Meet Your Sustainability Goals
We’ll help you take a more holistic approach to green cleaning, whether it’s switching to green cleaning products, implementing sustainable equipment and or processes. We’ll use our initial assessment and transition planning tool to assess your existing sustainability efforts and develop a customized program and a transition plan to implement green cleaning.



The first step is to substitute Green Seal certified products or Environmentally Preferable Products (as determined by USGBC requirements) in place of traditional ones. Our Operations Director maintains the chemical list, which identifies these products. In addition to this cost-neutral step, we’ll also reduce the number of chemical choices available onsite and simultaneously switch out the most high-volume use chemicals for more sustainable ones.

If you require a particular chemical that is not available in a Green Seal certified or Environmentally Preferable Products option, we recommend choosing a chemical based upon minimizing environmental and health risks. We will provide training to ensure the substitute products are used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Paper Products

Will evaluate your paper/plastic consumables and determine if they comply with the EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines, Green Seal, or Environmental Choice standards, or that the items are made from rapidly renewable resources or tree-free fibers.

If you have goals for recycled content, we will work with you and our suppliers to identify ways to increase the recycled content levels as a percentage of purchases, balancing sustainability goals with your facility maintenance budget.

Benefits of Capital Area Building Solutions Group Managing the Facilities Using of Chemicals and Paper:

  • As the large consumer of janitorial supplies, we’ve been able to negotiate prices with our choice vendor, Cintas which are almost always lower than other outlets.
  • Quality – Cintas is known for product quality, timely services and strategic product selection options. Cintas chemicals and supplies meet the latest standards set by the organizations that certify green products.
  • Proper Usage – Cintas partners with us and trains our workers with materials supplied directly. Our supervisors are familiar with how to use each product type and train our personnel accordingly.
  • Innovation – Our vendor partnership with Cintas ensure that we receive the most innovative products at the lowest costs with use-sized on-demand delivery.


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